How does it work?
You can order our 15 minutes pizzas on our website online or on phone (+36 30 600 6666). Also, you can find us at Netpincér and Pizza.hu, but note that at these pages there is a 3-7 minutes time gap before the order arrives. If you would like to receive your pizza within 15 minutes, order it directly from our website.
How do I get my pizza in 15 minutes? (Isn't it frozen?)
At 15 Minutes Pizza, we work with fresh ingredients, so our secret lies not in selling mirelit products, rather in structuring. The pizza dough is continuously produced, the toppings are added to the pizza within one minute and the cooking time is 3-5 minutes. After that, there is nothing more than transport. On the map on our site, you can see how we can determine which parts of Budapest we can handle the 15-minute home delivery, so we can ensure that we're at your door in time!
Can I just order or can I get pizza on the spot?
If you are near our shop, please come in, so you can enjoy your pizza at the shop. Our Address: 1066 Budapest Desewffy Street 5.
Why should I order from 15 Minutes Pizza?
If you like quality thin-crust pizza, and you hate waiting for your food, then we are the perfect choice for you!
Can I order more than 1 pizza?
We try to keep our time for larger quantities too, but we cannot always guarantee this, depending on quantity. In such cases, you can give us a call (+36 30 600 6666) where we can arrange the delivery time in advance.
Can I choose unique toppings?
We are flexible on individual requests, however, if you prefer pizzas much different from the types we offer, the preparation time may be longer, so no 15-minute delivery is guaranteed.
Can I get VAT invoice after my order?
If you need VAT invoice, please advise ahead! In case of cash payment, our courier will give you an invoice at delivery, but only if you have indicated it in advance. In case of online payment, we will send you the invoice in email.
I can't see my street in the order list!
If you can't find your street on the map or in the drop-down list, then we unfortunately don't deliver to you. However, we are constantly working on making our "range" wider, so you should check our site later on.
How can I give feedback?
If you have any suggestions about 15 Minutes Pizza, do not hesitate and let us know by email (zsombor@15minutespizza.hu), by phone (+36 30 792 1380) or send it to facebook (facebook.com/15minutespizza).